When effort meets future looking 

An amazing evening of conversation tonight made me realise that all the effort in the world doesn’t matter, if you’re on the wrong path.  Only by looking up. Seeing what’s coming up next. Figuring out where you would like to add value. Meeting the future need, rather than the current one. And then being brilliant. […]

Event…Pause…+ Response = Outcome

Do you have a behaviour or habit that you’d like to stop? Do you know what the triggers are for it? Do you know what your default response is to certain events and how you can interrupt them? Or would you like to? I came across the formula E+R=O which stands for Event + Response […]

Expectation versus Experience – failure or presence

I was speaking to a friend recently about a career change and we had a coaching conversation about this. They’ve always succeeded in what they do and rely on this results focused approach to progress in their career. This move was a change from an company they’d been with for a while. It was time […]

Daily consistent effort, giving value before you expect it and iterating your approach to the environment as it is = goal achievement?

Too often we hear people who give up after committing to something for an extremely short amount of time.  We’ve lost patience for the outcomes we want, and instead of blaming our consistency, blame the system we’ve followed to achieve the success.  Instead, be patient. Take small steps daily that take you closer to your […]