Advice I’d give myself this morning!!


This morning I got a call off my landlord saying that my apartment I’m renting is going to be viewed in 2 days. The place isn’t dirty but it’s definitely lived in!!

There’s stuff in different rooms because I don’t spend a lot of time, I’m either working, studying, running or playing music and out with friends. Tidying is not only list of priorities!

I got stressed about the call because I thought of ALL the cleaning and tidying that had to be done. Now I realise I can break down everything that needs to be done. Each room when it’s done, I can tick it off and thus gain more momentum towards the other rooms!

The cleaning process will have more benefits than just a clean apartment. I know my thinking will clear up and the clutter in the apartment when cleared will clear the “clutter” in my head!

I’m looking forward to cleaning now 🙂


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