Take what you need!



I saw this recently online and thought it was a great idea!

As a Life and Business coach emotional skills and tools like above are frequently spoken about by clients as goals they would like to achieve, like “I want to be more creative” or “I want to have more passion”.

What is your arsenal of emotional tools you can use to help you in certain circumstances? If you could improve any one of these in your life imagine the benefits this would have on a day to day basis! 

Clients have come to me for coaching sessions in the past and it’s interesting how some of these areas are things the clients want to improve on! 

Each person has their own ideas of each of these tools so it’s important to use the clients options for themselves rather than offering too many suggestions, but I also love learning new ways to improve my tools in these areas and learning these from clients.

We always have the right response for ourselves at the right time and in coaching this is definitely facilitated! 


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