What a Dad! What example do you set?


This photo is fantastic! If your kid wants to be hero, most dads would just let their kids go off in their outfit.

This dad however dressed up with the kid, how powerful is that? What example would that send to the kid? I love you enough to dress up and while most other people would worry about other peoples perception of them, this dad didn’t care! He knew that being there for his kid was the most important thing he could do..

I love it!


2 thoughts on “What a Dad! What example do you set?

  1. Reblogged this on Insightful Counsel and commented:
    The power of letting go…of relaxing and giving in…especially to something as wonderful as your child. Imagine if we all just dropped our guard. If we released the binds of society and just let our hair down every now and then, what could happen? What are the possibilities? I saw this picture about a year ago and it stuck with me. Thanks to Phillip Brady for posting this image. It should give us all hope.

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