Philip Brady

Me Roulette

I am a coach and a person who can motivate and inspire people to follow their dreams and goals. I want to be a motivational speaker, someone who challenges people’s beliefs, someone who pushes people past their boundaries and I want to be the person who stands by people’s sides while they do this shouting in their ears that IT’S POSSIBLE. You can do anything you dream off, you can have, do, be anything you can imagine. You were born with unlimited potential and I believe in your greatness. All you have to do now is start believing in yours! You will make it, you were born to contribute something great to this world and by god you will do it. If you don’t you have done a disservice to this world and have wasted your talents, abilities and skills when you could’ve bettered the world with your presence.

You have this greatness, this fire, this unlimited potential to do good, to do YOUR thing that you were born to do. How do you find it? Go out, try things, find what makes you and others happy and keep doing it knowing you’re making other people’s lives better. Face your fears. Ignore that voice in your head who defeats you before you start, who tells you you can’t do something, you’re not good enough, strong enough. You are great, you can do anything you put your mind to so listen to the voice of possibility, the voice that says you are good enough, you are strong enough and YOU WILL GET THERE!

Keep the faith in why you’re here and what you’re doing. The world conspires to do me good. The world wants and needs what I have to offer. I will get rejected, there will be days when it seems impossible but if I keep the faith in what I want to achieve, I will get there, I will change people’s lives and I will make a difference. If you have made one persons’ life better because you have lived you have done something extraordinary. If you have made one person’s life happier, more successful, more rewarding then you have done something incredible. If you have made someone’s life easier, more manageable, more confident, then you have done something fantastic. Follow your dream, wear your passion on your sleeve and keep believing it’s possible.

You WILL get there. Ignore the feeling of burning, ignore the pain. Fight the naysayers in your mind and keep on keeping on. You have greatness within you, start believing in it and take ACTION now!



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