Time keeps ticking – Be calm

It struck me the other day the shortness of time.  How much of it we want to have and yet waste.  How much time we spend wishing for the future, remembering the past instead of just being here now. Experiencing the moment.  I’m excited for the future but try so hard to be present.  If […]

Coaching Рjust forget the answers! 

I was in the gym 2 weeks ago and jealous of some of the people in the gym who were working on a different “blackboard” set of exercises. I’ve been going a year or 2 to this specific gym and focused on building strength in instructor-led sessions on a different blackboard but this advanced blackboard […]

LittleCoachingTip: Motivation and the comfort zone

Listening to a video by Mel Robbins yesterday on Impact Theory and had to summarise it to retain it but also to share as it’s so important! Too often we wait until X or Y events happen before we do something. We think if these events happen, that then we’ll be motivated. Once we’re motivated […]

All the good things

This is a story I read this morning in John C. Maxwell’s “How to Influence People” and I had to share it. I got emotional reading it because it’s such a simple concept but profound the difference it can have on people. I hope it has an impact on you to realise it’s the simple […]