Why coaching with me?

15 years ago I was a shy, quiet boy who didn’t believe in himself. I didn’t know how to talk to strangers. I didn’t know how to motivate myself to set goals, or didn’t even know a goal was different to the thing I kicked my football into! (When I could score!)

I was afraid to put myself forward for any opportunities that I could fail at publicly and so just drifted along. Then I was given a book by Tony Robbins and soaked in his material and couldn’t believe how the mind could be used to do amazing things! I didn’t realise we can change how we feel by changing our bodies, thoughts and words in our head, setting goals and taking action! I was amazed of the power this could have for people and didn’t understand why more people didn’t know who he was or what their mind was capable of!

Then a friend of mine told me they didn’t want to live in this world anymore and were unhappy with everything about the world and we cried together thinking about this. They couldn’t see a way out other than to end their life.

I told them they had so much to offer the world and knowing how much potential this person had I focused on trying to show them the beauty and brilliance inside of them. It was the saddest I think I’ve ever been but I also know that turning this persons perspective around to see their greatness was the most inspired I’ve ever been. If I could do this for 1 person, I wanted to do this for many!

So I spent years reading every book possible on personal development and finally saved enough money to study to be a coach. I was fascinated to work with people on their beliefs, values, goals and reflecting back to them their potential so they could believe in themselves, with confidence and live fuller lives than they were currently experiencing.

Do you know what drives your habitual behaviour and why sometimes you make decisions that stop you from moving forward?

Do you ever doubt your abilities to take action towards your goals?

Do you know how to set goals?

Do you know how to create momentum that will propel you towards your goals with unstoppable force?

Do you know how to align your beliefs and values to ensure you’re following your authentic self and purpose?

Do you know you have a purpose? Do you know you’re here for a reason?

Would you like to find out? 🙂

My goal in life is to use my passion and positivity, to motivate and inspire other people and myself to follow our dreams and goals, overcoming fears, doubts and insecurities and doing this in a spirit of love and happiness to make this world a better place. Simple 🙂

I have coached on Leadership Development programs to Managing Directors and Directors in Citi Bank, I have coached small businesses in setting up and increasing revenues and I have coached personal clients to increase their self-belief, confidence and achieve their goals.

Do you have a belief that there is something great in you that you want to bring out? Do you have fears, doubts or insecurities that hold you back from taking action? Do you want to achieve more in life than you’re currently achieving? GOOD! This means you’re perfect for coaching – get in touch.

The harder question to answer – are you willing to take massive action and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals? Good – then you’re perfect to be coached by me – get in touch below.

After an initial hour long meeting which I don’t charge for and you would NOT like to work with me there is no fee.

If you choose to make the investment into what we can uncover for you in our sessions together we can speak about a plan of working together at this point.

I do not want to waste people’s time or money, but also don’t want to waste my time either.

I only coach people who are willing to take action, rather than wasting time together and not getting any results.

Coaching sessions work because they increase your self awareness, help you to clarify your goals and dreams, work on what will propel you forward, what’s holding you back and creating a plan for your to take consistent action towards your goals!

I myself get coaching because I believe in the power of these sessions so I hope you choose to do this for yourself, if not with me then I’d be happy to recommend other coaches to you.

Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Don’t believe me? Jillian said:

“Philip and I worked together last year, when I was changing my career trajectory. His life and career coaching enabled me to develop specific ideas and helped my to make huge progress in a short space of time. He is a highly motivated individual with a positive can do attitude.I would have absolutely no issue recommending Philip for life coaching, business coaching or keynote speaking in the future.”